Tuesday, July 01, 2014

End of the Month Pics, 2nd Edition

May (This was a rough month!) 
June #1 (We couldn't decide with June we liked better!)
June #2
Bonus Pics:

April Caleb
April Mommy and Caleb taken by Abby
May Caleb
May Abby

June Caleb
June Abby

Monday, March 31, 2014

End of the Month Pics

Last year, every month around Caleb's birth date I took a picture of him in the same toddler chair. This year I've decided to do a picture of both of the kids on the last day of every month in our over-sized blue chair. Here are the first 3 month's worth of pics!

January #1 (Love Caleb's expression!)
January #2
February (Options were limited this month...)
March #1
March #2 (Again with the face)
Some bonus pics:
January Abby
March Abby
January Caleb
March Caleb