Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Story

On Monday morning, Caleb was sleeping and Abby was in her room listening to Mariah Carey Christmas (what can I say, she loves the "Jesus, What a Wonderful Child" song) so I jumped in the shower. 15 or 20 minutes later I step out to hear them both crying. I run back to find Abby lying on her bed fussing and saying something about "music off" and her tummy hurts. I'm scolding her for hollering and for wanting to get out early (our rule for morning rest time is that she stays in her room until the music is done). I tell her I'm sorry her tummy hurts but I'm not understanding her explanation of why. I almost walk away when I realize that she has a CD case in her hand. I scold her about that and tell her to bring it to me. She again fusses and says "music off". At this point I realize that the CD is attached to her tummy! She wants me to take the "music off" her tummy. She's got a nice little pinch mark, poor thing, and I feel a little bit like a bad mommy! All of the details were there I just wasn't paying enough attention. Ah, well, she's okay and it's a funny story in retrospect.