Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Mystery of the Unknown Christmas Card Senders...dun, dun, dun...

So at Christmas time, we opened the stack of cards from family and friends and came to this one....
A nice picture, right?  Perfect smiles, lovely snow and trees in the background....wait, Karl & Cindy, who?

~Uh..., I look on the envelope, the de Jongs or is that the de Longs?

~Do you know who they are?
~No, do you?
~No.  Are they from church?
~No, I don't think I recognize them.
~They're not family friends of yours...?
~Nope.  The address is Seattle.
~Huh, maybe one of them works in my school district.

And so, I put the picture in my stack of things to do and every once in awhile I looked at it and tried to rack my brain for who these people were that sent us a Christmas card.

Tonight I was determined to solve the mystery.  I put her name into Google, trying de Jong, dejong, delong, de Long.  Nothing.  I tried his name.  I tried their names together.  I tried adding the city.  I tried looking them up in my school district contact list in my school e-mail. Then I realized that I had put his name in as Kurt instead of Karl.  Bingo!  "Vote Karl de Jong for King County Democrats!"  I looked up his picture.  Yep, mystery solved.  A politician.  A politician sent us a Christmas card.  Well, it didn't really do him any good sending me well wishes for the holiday.  I didn't have any warm, Christmasy feelings towards him because I didn't know who he was!  He just caused me a lot of headache just trying to figure it out!

So, anyway, vote for Karl de Jong and have a Merry Christmas!

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