Friday, July 29, 2011

July in Pictures!

It's been awhile since I've had any time to write and I feel that a lot has happened!  
Therefore a walk through July 
with pictures and captions seems like a good idea.

 4th of July picnic with our nieces

 Abby is learning to eat and food is everywhere!!!

  Cherith and Abby

 Girls' day on the town!

The second week that our nieces were with us, we all volunteered at VBS at our church.
The theme was "Shake It Up Cafe."

Jeshua led music (& choreography)!

 The girls and I helped out with one of the preschool classes.
Boy, were we all tired!!

 On July 18th and 19th we drove the girls back to CA!  What a long trip that was!
This is Abby at Grandma and Grandpa's house with a cool toy and Grandpa's hat. 
The 20th was my mother-in-law's birthday so all the brothers and their families got together!

Grandma and Liz
Then we went up to the mountains for the weekend to be at Camp Peaceful Pines.
My mother-in-law was the cook and most of the family went up to help
and be together for the weekend!

 Abby enjoying watermelon!

Trying out Andrew's pack

 Jesh and I at Darnell's lookout point

Watching Daddy play volleyball

 Abby making friends

 Abby loves water!

 Baby Senior Pictures!


Up at Sunrise Rock

 Back down at the in-laws' house.  Look Daddy, I can pull myself up!

We were originally going to drive home over 2 days, Thursday and Friday, 
but anxious to be home with just the 3 of us we did the drive all night Tuesday! 
We stopped in Portland for breakfast with my Grandma and Aunt!

Well, now we're home!  Thanks for taking this tour of July with me!

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  1. I loved the pictures! :-) Thanks for sharing July.