Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ham and .... Pears?

For the first  6 months of my daughter's life we followed the general pediatricians' recommendations and she was breastfed!  During those last few weeks before her half-year birthday, she was sitting with support at the table with us, grabbing for our food and generally being interested in eating solid foods.  When that day came we got out the rice cereal and embarked!  What did Abby think?  Not so much.  She was not interested.  She soon figured out our little airplane tricks and would hold her little mouth firmly closed and move her head.  Banana was no better.  Avocado might be ok, but not really.  She seemed to like the flavor of carrots and pear sauce but was still not really eating.  This went on for several weeks.  We talked to our doctor who said we could let her experiment a little more.  So, we gave her a little piece of chicken.  She apparently thought that was better!  She gummed it for awhile and willingly took another piece.  Then we tried actual rice kernels.  That seemed to be good too!  THEN....we tried ham!  Ta-da! We found the magic food!  Abby LOVES ham!!  She gummed it and made little happy noises.  My husband could not keep up fast enough.  If he was taking too long in getting her another piece she would bang her hands and fuss!  So funny!  And so much for the traditional schedule of vegetable and fruit purees.  For the last 2 weeks now ham has been her favorite food, although she will eat rice, bread, chicken, and pear sauce.  Today we bought some Gerber pear yogurt blend.  She was quite the fan!  It even upstaged a piece of ham!  She ate most of the small container over 2 feedings today.  Tonight she was not interested in the noodles or the cantaloupe I offered her but when I brought out the yogurt, she happily ate it consistently enough that I had to wait to eat my meal till she was done!  Ha!  Ham and pears, who would have guessed!  I'm just glad that she is finally eating solid food and enjoying it!  By the way, why doesn't Yoplait have a pear yogurt?  It's pretty good!


  1. I like your first two posts! Would it be possible to have the email alert option that Katie has on hers? It's nice to have notice when a new post has been added.

  2. I just saw the subscribe by email note! :-)

  3. Yoplait does indeed have a pear yogurt! I've never tried it. It's one of their low-fat varieties, and I only buy the fat-free ones. But I should try it one of these days!