Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My Not So Awesome Morning

Before I can tell you about my not so awesome morning I have to give you a bit of background information.  This summer we invited 2 of my husband's nieces, aged 12 and 14, to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  His parents drove them up in their Escape this past weekend.  The girls will be staying with us until the 18th when we'll drive them back down to CA and visit there for a week.  Because neither our Taurus and Honda are very big, we swapped cars with my in-laws.  Now we have the Escape, which we decided to name Nemo Esteban Franklin or NEF!  : )
Now on to my not so awesome morning.  Every Tuesday a group of new moms and babies walk around Green Lake in the city 45 minutes away.  This morning my husband Jeshua left for a church staff meeting and the rest of us packed up and headed out in NEF for our walk.  A few minutes down the road I got a text saying the mom I was meeting couldn't make it. I was extremely disappointed as I haven't seen my friend for 3 weeks.  We changed course and stopped at Walmart and then headed to Rodondo Beach instead.  It was clear and warm and we had a lovely view of Puget Sound and a nice walk up and down the boardwalk.  Then we got back in the car and I started it...oh, wait, no it's not starting.  It's sputtering.  I tried again.  More sputtering and oh, no!  Smoke!  I tried calling my husband but he didn't pick up since he was in the staff meeting.  Then I tried the church office.  Nope.  Finally I called our pastor who did answer and handed the phone to Jesh.  He drove down to Rodondo and checked out NEF which at this point was no longer smoking but definitely not starting.  After consulting his parents and trying a few things he called AAA and ordered a tow truck.  During this time, Abby has been a bit fussy, especially when I put sunscreen lotion on her.  Picture a 7 month old yelling.  While waiting for the tow truck, the girls and I head to Jack-in-the-Box to pick up some food since our original lunch plans have been foiled by NEF's sudden break-down.  At this point, I discover that the $40 plus cash that was in my pocket is now gone.  Oh, and Abby is screaming again in the backseat.  We got the food and met Jesh at the car place.  Abby calmed down on the way home but required me to play peek-a-boo pretty much for 10 minutes straight on the way home.  When we finally got home, I had a small tearful moment over the loss of the money, the thwarted friend meeting, and the car situation.   Jesh hugged me and told me all would be okay.
Then I found the money sitting on my dresser....
So, God has been faithful to me today.  I didn't actually lose the money and we got stranded 15 minutes from home instead of 45.  And hey, I got a good post out of it!


  1. :( I'm sorry your day was so rough! I'm glad you're blogging too!!! We are twins.
    Ask Abby what she wants me to bring her from Spain.
    Oh. And it's Esteban. :)

  2. Katie:
    Abby says some maracas or some other instrument. She'd also like a colorful, floofy skirt.

    Oh, and I stand corrected.

  3. Ahhhh, such is the life of a mom. :-) The thing is, my dear one, that you handled it all! Your guests will profit from watching you in midst of life, the good and the not so good! The next outing will be wonderful I'm sure. I'm proud of you.